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Make money posting articles on blogs, websites

Writing articles is a quick and easy way to fetch good amount of income from the online portals. There are many websites who pay healthy amount of money for writing a 500 word article on definite subjects and the profession is essentially called Content writing. Writing skills can also be utilized to write unique contents for blogs which is called blogging which surely gives a steady income provided the blog has good number of followers.
Writing for Websites

Considering there are millions of websites and every website needs content, there is a lot of opportunity in this profession. In this process the writer is asked to write articles on various topics from current affairs to kitchen recipes, from education to home interiors, from electronic tools to career guidance, health and fitness to financial matters and many others. The articles are usually of 500 words where a decent rate is disbursed for a good written article with unique content, no grammatical mistakes and good writing skills. Website article writing can also be on SEO format which is skillful writing with optimization of the text to attract more traffic to the website. Keyword density is also an important factor in article writing which depends on the requirement of the project.
Writing for Blogs

Blog writing is somewhere similar to website content writing where unique articles are written for blogs. The writing skills remaining the same, the writer can choose any topic and write informative article to make it useful to the readers. There are authentic websites which allow blogging like of Google and  Sign up to these accounts are simple by following few instructions. Once the account is created unique contents may be generated to post. It is very important to choose a topic and stick to it. Too many topics can be confusing to the readers.  The content should have useful information with a good amount of backlinks to increase traffic. At least one article per day needs to be submitted to keep the readers interested.  A good article ensures followers and once the number of followers gets increased the Google Adsense may be added to fetch income from the posts. There are plenty of other programs which can also be checked from the internet which provides good income for the bloggers. Earn money through blogging is not difficult once the fundamental requirements of blogging is clear.
Article posting on websites and blogs are both effective medium of earning good income but with a small difference in the two.  In the first category article are written and sold with onetime payment but in blogging the payment continues as long as the article remains posted. But in terms of money both are profitable income resources to thousands of people worldwide.


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