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Earn money doing Link Exchange, Link Submission

A website is always created with the aim to achieve success, get good ranks in search engines and also attract a huge traffic to the website. One of the most important ways to achieve all this parameters is by doing link exchange or by Link submission. Also referred as backlinks it act as a way of advertising your website or pulling more traffic to your blog and article, getting more clicks on your content and get increased votes on your blogs.

The increase in traffic also means good ranking in search engine and advertisement money from the website along with publicity of your products and contents.
What is backlink?
A backlink is referred to the link to your website that is inserted in another domain or website. Like if there is an article on word press and the link to this article is posted on then that becomes a backlink. It is a way of creating credibility and increasing the popularity for the website. It acts more like small advertisements about your website or article or blog.
Types of Link submission
Link submission and link exchange can be of four types, organic link submission, free link submission, reciprocal link exchange and paid link submission. Organic link submission happens when a relevant topic or website is found on the internet similar to your content or product and a link is posted in it of your website. This pulls in organic traffic without much effort. There are social networking sites where these backlinks to your website can be placed for others to check. This is an example of free link submission. Link exchange happens between two website where there is a link pasted on each website of the other. Paid link submission is a situation where website owners demand money for link submission.
Quality of backlinks
The quality of the link submission is very important. It has duel impact on the search engine results and also on the readers mind regarding the image of the website. Irrelevant and ineffective backlinks acts negatively for your website. Also it is a threat to the SEO rankings with no extra value added to your money earning project.
Link Submission Zones
The best place for link submission is at different forums and discussions. There are many online forums like Yahoo answers where there are question about various topic and there is always opportunity to pick a question relevant to the topic of your blog or website and answer the question with link submission. There are free articles submission zones where short articles can be written with backlinks to your website. The social networking sites and getting listed in directories are good ways of link submission. There are tools like backlink builder which can also be of help where by submitting a keyword, all the relevant sites for link submission gets escalated. It can be effectively used to increase clicks for your website.
Link submission and link exchange is a not an instant way of earning but it is a important medium in internet business which gives a lot of profit in the long run.


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