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Make money doing email marketing

One of the most profitable innovative ideas for marketing had been the concept of Email marketing. As the name itself proposes it is a way of marketing communication with the aid of Emails.  Though an overnight profit may not be expected through this medium of earning but with consistency and patience there is surely long term benefit to be cherished.
What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a marketing strategy for definite products by sending emails to different targeted customers. Emails can be of three major types, the promotional mail where the content generally is to pursue customers to buy a product, customer relation enhancement letters, and advertisement messages in others mail.  Usually this kind of marketing was previously there with companies sending newsletter and promotional advertisement in subscription magazines but today with the introduction of electronic media it has become much cheaper and faster and proved to be a successful medium.
Why email marketing named as Permission Marketing?
Email marketing is essentially depended on the permission of the person receiving the mail. In the online word there is no place for unsolicited mail. People who are sending bulk mails to various users needs to take permission from the mail receivers or else it is illegal as well as those mails are called spam’s. That is why the most important factor of e mail marketing is to do it correctly. As a process it is an easy task but doing correctly is the key of earning and getting advantage from the medium.
The Correct Process of Email Marketing
The first step towards email marketing is to build a list of customers who wish to receive the promotional mails. This can be done through various processes. A sign up at own website can be kept, gifts or facilities can be arranged for the signup candidates and for the people buying similar products on e portal, a tick box may be arranged, if they wish to receive updates and news on these products. This way email address can be collected with the consent of the recipients. In many cases a double opting is collected by sending auto responder to the given email address and it is requested to click on the same affirming to the concept. Once a huge database is created promotional emails can be sent and if not all, some may be interested in buying the products making you earn from that.
Pros and Cons of Wrong E mail Marketing
If the E mail marketing is not done through proper process then it will be considered as spam and nobody wish to send spam. Secondly if you get accused of sending spam then you may face severe situations like account closure, websites being shut down and harassment including reputation ruin.  So it is always better to know the process and do accordingly.
Though earning by email marketing takes some time to settle but after being set, a steady income may be expected with a larger database.


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