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Facebook Hacker V1.0 - A Keylogging Software

We have wrote several articles on Facebook Hacking, The most recent one we wrote was on "Top 10 Ways How Hackers Can Hack Facebook Accounts In 2012". Which received tremendous amount of responses. However in today's article we would like you to introduce you a software named "Facebook HackerHackingfacebook accounts using phishing methods are out of the fashion these days. A new tool known as facebook hacker is introduced. A dangerous tool for the people in need of other’s username andpasswords.

This tool is extremely easy to connect and use. All you have to do is give an email address and a password where the stolen information is to deliver. Can’t be easier than that.

Just type in the email address and password and then click on the build button. A new “SERVER.EXE” file will be created andmost of the work is already done. Now the big part comes. Just send this file to the victim. Rename it, change the icon and make it more presentable so that the victim opens it for sure.

As soon as the victim opens the file, Server.exe will get all the passwords saved and facebook account credentials and will give them to you. To avoid detection, the facebook Hacker will also look for all the processes related to a security suite and kill them upon detection. The most important thing this software does is it kills all the security suite detecting it.

You should know how to protect yourself from such threats. BitDefender detects this as a Trojan. In order to stay safe ensure that you update your antivirus regularly. Also, remember not to run files you may receive as attachments or via IM, or at least, to scan them beforehand.


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