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Anonymous Reacts Strongly To Seizure Of Hackers In Spain

As i predicted in my previous post "Four Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested For Spanish Police" . Anonymous hackingactivists have reacted to the the arrests of their group members that took place in Spain yesterday.The hacking group attacked the InterPol website which went down for a short period of time ,Interpol restored it quickly but it was loading slowly for hours after the attack was conducted.

 The news of the attack was broke via a tweet generated by account named AnonymousPress having   102K+ followers .

The supporters made online claims that those arrested members are innocent.InterPol however announced that all the operation was conducted under the umbrella of Operation Unmask.Operation Unmask started in mid-February after the series of organized cyber attacks on Columbian defense ministry portal ,Presidential website ,Chilean electricity company and Chile National library website.

 InterPol added that 250 items related to I.T , payment cards , mobile phones and cash was seized which was used as funding to hackers of age between 17 &  40.

 Earlier this month an 18-minute discussion between FBI officersand Metropolitan police was released by hackers which highly embarrassed the authorities.The discussion revealed officers discussing the delay of court proceedings against two alleged hackers associate with LulzSec group.LulzSec was involved in targeting US Congress site in 2011.The leaked discussion raised serious questions on the security of the Security Institutions themselves.

 Anonymous members keep urging people to stand for truth andraise voice against injustice  ,they have a strong following on all social networks.About an hour ago ,one of the hackers tweeted about going to today's Occupy Corporations protest:

Looking forward to #F29 today !Find me if you can! #OWS  ^_^

F29 stands for February 29 !

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Aneeq Fasi covers hacking news at RHA. You can follow him on twtter under -!/aneeqfasi. If you would like to become a part of our team, Kindly email
Posted: 29 Feb 2012 01:54 AM PST
A few days ago i received an "official" email from Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) stating :

Dear hereby we notify you that your IP address has been identified as distributing copyrighted content.Please see the attachment to this for illicit Internet traffic details.

At first it looked pretty much o.k. as i was rushing through the mail ,in the morning  ,half sleepy -half awake. I was just about to click the attachment ,then suddenly the list of recipients flashed across my eyes and I was like Thank God !! i didn't download that file.

I looked into the email header and found that it was generated from an account that had nothing to do with RIAA.

This is one of the latest forms of e-mail scam that can be sent by official or unofficial account of some record label or Media  regulation authority  that carries the potential of tricking you in downloading the attachment file containing Malware , keylogger or trojan. 

About doing a bit of research i found the following scams floating around these days on the web :
  • -Your IP is caught involved in Downloading copy righted content -By your Internet Service Provider 
  • -You are invited to event about to take place in ,Please download the attached file to see the schedule of the event Note:Events maybe real ,but invitations are fake
  • -Your Cell phone was caught indulged in criminal activity , you are required to report at
  • office ,find the attached document to note the papers you need to bring with you to prove your innocence
If you get any of such (or related) e-mail ,just think for a while ,why in the world would some institution like RIAA contact you in such manner !

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Aneeq Fasi is our newest team member. He is currently doing his bachelors from Fast University. If you would like to become a part of our team, Kindly email
Posted: 29 Feb 2012 01:58 AM PST
Spanish police claims to have arrested four people, who were connected to the famous hacking group Anonymous. Seizures were carried out in Madrid and Malaga, the suspects are reportedly involved in a series of attacks against the websites of political parties, companies and the Spanish police force.Some of the sites were defaced ,from others , sensitive content was stolen.

Political websites like that of the 'Union Progress and Democracy' party (UpyD), for instance, were infiltrated and replaced with images of people bearing vampire-like fangs.The hackers also published personal information of Spanish police officers andbodyguards online.

The group’s secure communication channels used the servers hosted by companies located in countries like Czech Republic andBulgaria, they were remotely controlled from Spain.
After the approval of seizure of servers by judicial authorities of two countries , Europol experts were deployed to Bulgaria andSpain, the police organization said in a press release.No doubt they are hoping to uncover evidence which may lead to more arrests, or help with the case against the Anonymous suspects they have detained.

Spanish police searched four addresses, seizing 25 computers andconfiscating related materials.In addition to the arrests in Spain, ten Anonymous suspects were also charged in Argentina, six in Chile and five in Colombia, according to a Spanish police press release.Like we have seen before, Anonymous may react to these arrests by launching more organized attacks in coming days.


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