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Finally: Sachin smashes ton, crosses elusive goal

The match is going on right now...And the milestone is just now achieved.....WOW!!!!!!!!!
What a moment........."Simply undescribable" is the word.......
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar achieves this milestone in the 44th over against Bangladesh in the match of Asia Cup which is going on right now. 

  • 43.4Al Hasan to S Tendulkar

    49th ODI hundred! He takes that single in typical style. Comes down the track, waits and tickles it away for a single on the leg side. The monkey is finally off his back and Tendulkar can heave a sigh of relief! The dug-out is jubilant and jumps out in joy! The crowd applauds his effort and SRT looks satisfied. Customary look at the sky and a satisfying expression on his face.
  • 100 international centuries for Sachin Tendulkar! The wait is finally over and that's a big moment in cricketing history. It is a feat that might never get scaled again. Take a bow, Little Master!
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