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How To Hack Nokia Firmware And Install Any Unsigned Application !

f you are using a Nokia Phone which has a symbian operating system then you must have tried to install an applicationand failed because of : Certificate error. Now your problem is going to end soon as i am going to give you a way to install any unsigned application on your symbian device. I hope you all will like it.

Well, hacking Symbian devices are not very difficult task to do. I know you all must have tried to Google it before reading this post and must have found many ideas and ways to hacking your phone but the way which i am going to show you is the most easiest, permanent and the most secured way i would say.
Admin warning : Hack at your own risk. I am not liable for any loss or damage.
So, before making you much wait, I start the proceedings. I try to make it as easy as possible so that you all can understand it without any haze. I note down and explain each and every point perfectly and list down the things you will need. Note one thing that the information you provide about your phone will be secured.
Things you will need :
  1. Get an account on OPDA and login to it. After redirection, Click on apply cer.
  2. Fill in your all information about your phone in those appropriate fields as asked. You will be given a confirmation message after a successful submission.
  3. If you submit your application for certificate successfully, you will get your certificate and key which you will need to download from logging in again.
  4. Download FreeSigner and install it in your phone.
  5. Download HelloOx2 and save the file in your phone. Remember : Don’t Install.
  6. Now get your certificate and key from OPDA and save them in your phone.
  7. Open FreeSigner and go to settings and map your certificate and key in those appropriate fields. Go back and select Add Task and map your HelloOx2 file there which you saved as referring to point number 5 above !
  8. Now press option > Go and wait for a moment. Now go to the drive where you saved your HelloOx2 file.
  9. You will get a new file named HelloOx2Unsigned_Signed. Now install this file and Restart your phone.
  10. After a restart, run the application and wait for some time ! You will get aconfirmation once the process is done !
This is It ! Now your phone is ready with a firmware hack ! You may install any unsignedapplication you want !


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