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How to Add an RSS Feed on Blogger is a popular blogging site that provides not only the storage space and bandwidth for a blog, but also a number of tools that can make a blog more effective. One important blog capability is the ability to automatically display new entries from other blogs. Also called "Really Simple Syndication," or RSS. You can add this capability easily to a blog.
Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • An active account
  • An active Blogger blog
    • 1
      Log into your account. This will take you to your Blogger Dashboard, which is a list of all of your blogs on the site along with controls for customizing them.
    • 2
      Select "Layout" for your desired blog. The "Layout" tab will be displayed, providing a graphical representation of your blog, including the area where blog posts appear and areas where you can add customized elements.
    • 3
      Click on "Add a Page Element." Another window will open with a list of elements that you can add to your blog. Select "Add to Blog" underneath the "Feed" element, which opens a "Configure Feed" dialog box.
    • 4
      Copy the RSS link URL from the external blog. Most blogs place their RSS link as either text or an RSS icon somewhere on their blog. Clicking on this link will open a Web browser page with the feed URL, often a address. Select this link and copy it to the clipboard.
    • 5
      Paste the RSS link URL into the "Feed URL" box of the Blogger "Configure Feed" dialog. Select "Continue." If you make a mistake, click "Cancel" and start again.
    • 6
      Save your changes. After clicking on "Continue," a dialog box will open showing the title of the blog feed you are publishing, an option to select how many items you wish to display, and check boxes to show "Item dates" and "Item sources/authors." Make your selections, review how the feed will look on your blog, and select "Save Changes" when satisfied.
    • 7
      Place your new feed. The feed you just added will show up as the top item in your list of side page elements. Left-click, hold, and drag the feed element to move it to a different slot on the side, or to the top or bottom section of your blog. When satisfied, click on "Save." Then click "Preview" to see how your new feed appears. Use "Clear Edits" to undo the changes and start over.


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