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7 SEO Copywriting Tips for Better Rankings

SEO Copywriting (also termed as Search Engine Copywriting) is the technique of writing the article in such a way that it is read well both by the surfer as well as the Search Engines. This phenomenon can also be treated as writing for search engines. The main motto of Copy-writing is to rank well for the targeted keywords in search engines.
SEO Copywriting Tips for better ranking:
Search Engine Copywriting is about optimizing web page content with targeted keywords in certain frequencies and densities to match the content. Doing so will also get you some voluntary back links to your website (if the article is good to read).
SEO CopyWriting Tips and Techniques
A good SEO Friendly article should follow the below SEO Techniques.
  1. Analyze the targeted keywords that are similar to your article.
  2. Use these keywords in Titles: The most important place to use keywords is in the title tag. Use H1 tag for your titles.
  3. Starting Sentence: The keywords you used in the title tags must be used in the opening sentence for better visibility and it reinforces relevancy. Sometimes, the starting sentences will be used as the description of your post in search results. This is a very good and successful SEO Copywriting Technique.
  4. Side Headings/Subheadings: Try to use these keywords in subheads with H3 tag. This will help the reader in navigating the page easily. Also, the article will look SEO Friendly.
  5. Synonyms and Related Keywords: Use the Google adwords keyword suggestion toolto track the synonyms and related words and use those words or phrases that are related to your topic in appropriate areas wherever applicable.
  6. Now, make sure that you’ve placed at least a single keyword per 100 characters for better ranking.
  7. Proofread: Always proofread your article for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
SEO Copy-writing Advantages:
  • Search Engine Copywriting works best to achieve high rankings for non-competitive keyword phrases.
  • You don’t have to pay for the clicks you receive from organic search results when compared to sponsored links.
  • With SEO Copywriting, your website will have chances of showing up in the top 10 Google results. This will boost your traffic eventually.
  • An effective article will also helps in increasing conversion rates and lead the users either to purchase or subscribe to your service.
SEO Copy writing Disadvantages:
  • You can only target non-competitive keywords. Highly competitive keywords are not possible. Ex: Insurance, Health, Hotels etc…
  • It is a very time consuming process and also very costly (if you’d like to hire someone).
  • Sites with insufficient text on their web pages are not suitable for SEO Copy-writing. With less content, you cannot target more keywords.
  • Overdoing the content optimization (Keyword stuffing) will lead to the penalization of your webpage.
So make sure you optimize your content only up to the limit as explained above. Over optimization will always cause additional problems.


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