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Shortcut keys for Windows Media Player

I have already posted about Yahoo Messengers shortcut keys. Shortcut keys are keystrokes that provide a quick way to perform an action. Using shortcut keys you can access the functions of an application quite easily and quickly. In Windows Media Player too, you can use the combination of different keyboard keys to accomplish routine task. The use of these keys increases your working speed and even saves time as you don’t need your mouse to select menus and button options.

Shortcut keys Action
1. Video Playback
ALT+1 Adjust zoom to 50 percentALT+2 Adjust zoom to 100 percentALT+3 Adjust zoom to 200 percentALT+ENTER Display the video in full mode2. Accessing the menus
ALT+F Go to media player File MenuALT+T Go to media player Tools MenuALT+V Go to media player View MenuALT+P Go to media player Play MenuALT+F4 Use to close media player
3. Switching between display mode
CTRL+1 Display media player in full modeCTRL+2 Display media player in skin mode
4. Player controls
ENTER or SPACEBAR Use to play an itemCTRL+B Use to play the previous item in media playerCTRL+F Use to play the next item in media playerCTRL+E Use to Eject CD or DVD from CD or DVD driveCTRL+P Use to Play or Pause the item in media playerCTRL+T Use to Repeat the items in media playerCTRL+SHIFT+B Use to Rewind a file in media playerCTRL+SHIFT+F Use to Fast Forward a file in media playerCTRL+SHIFT+S Use to play items slower than a normal speedCTRL+SHIFT+ G Use to play items faster than a normal speedCTRL+SHIFT+ N Use to play items at normal speed in media playerF8 Use to mute the volume in media playerF9 Use to decrease the volume in media playerF10 Use to increase the volume in media player
Initially, you’ll have to look up for some of these shortcuts but once you get well versed with them, you’ll be a lot quicker at controlling the Media Player.


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