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How to Make your Web cam as Survilence Camera?

Rise Sun(Complete  Free Software)
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Webcam Performance
  • Automatically takes a snapshot when movement is detected
  • Automatically logs a record when movement is detected
  • Automatically sounds an audible alarm when movement is detected
  • Automatically displays a silent message when movement is detected

Screen Shots:



  • Set the sensitivity of movement detection.
  • Detection motion within or outside a specified area .
  • Receive emails with images of any movement detected.
  • Publish movement images to your website.
  • Publish webcam images at regular intervals.
  • Timestamp your images (choice of colours and position within image)
  • Graph of movement over time (with calendar facility).
  • Start movement detection at a specified time.
  • Command line startup options.
  • Save your individual settings to different profiles.
  • Receive notification of new versions as they become available.
  • New versions autoinstall on one mouseclick(so you only need to install TeboCam once).    
Screen Shots:



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