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Five Tips On Google Search

Sometimes when you search on Google you might not get the desired results or you might need to search a lot by changing the keywords you are searching for. These tips may helpyou in getting the desired results. Read them carefully and apply them while searching on Google to get best results.1. The “+” Sign :
Google ignores some words like the, how and many other digits and words which actually slow down the search speed. Now if a common word is essential for you and you want google to look for it the just give a space, put the “+” sign and type in the word. By this google makes sure that, that word is actually included in the search as well. I came to knew of this as i was searching for a book, but google was not showing the desired results, i used this technique and was able to get the details I was looking for.
2. Synonym Search with “~”(Tildy) Sign:
If in case you want to search for the term as well it’s synonym, then in that case just add the “~” sign just in front of your term, you will then see the links for the same terms synonym. This can be really helpful in case you are searching for some specific results
3. Use of Keyword “OR”:
In case you want the Search results to show two different categories then in that case you can use the Keyword “OR”. This will make sure that you will get the results accordingly. Similarly you can also use “AND”, but in this case google will show you pages where both the parameters are met, whereas in case of keyword “OR”, any parameter that matches up, those links will be displayed.
4. Getting links of Specific Site:
Sometimes you might visit a site but not able to find the links or accurate pages in that site. What do you do? Just click on links to get the specific page? Well a simple answer is search through Google. Suppose you want to search for groups site in, then simple type in “groups”. You will see op tins coming for the google groups. This is a pretty old method is very useful to get to a specific page of a site. The code for this would be “site:”
5. Search within a Range:
You can search in Google within a desired range be it be Money, Weight, Age or any thing else, you just need to define the range and you will get the results you require. You need to type in the range as separated by “..”. But make sure you specify the unit as well like for money, weight, length or any thing else. Like, for Example:- TV 21..32 inches

Hope these help you. If you have more then please add them in comments.


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