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BSNL NOW AT 24 MBPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news for internet customers who are longing for faster broadband connections. BSNL introduces the fastest broadband internet connection in India at the speed of 24mbps breaking the 16 Mbps record of Bharti Airtel. So BSNL gives us Fastest Broadband India Plan in India.

But at present this opportunity cannot be availed by all. Currently the services of 16 Mbps and 24 Mbps will be accessible depending on the distance of the customer’s office/dwelling from that of BSNLs exchange.

24 Mbps speed will be available to customers stationed within 500 meters from BSNLs exchange, whereas the 16 Mbps speed will be available within 1 km radius. These services will be available at a price range of Rs 9,999 (24 Mbps) and of Rs 4,999 (16 Mbps) respectively. “All good things come with a price tag”.

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Latest update : Plans start at 2700 for speed of 8mbps, but the worrying part is download limit is only 50GB which is just optimal for regular web savvy geeks who download music, and movies from the internet.


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